How to prepare Quinocan Flakes

Porridge: Quinoa flakes with (almond or soy) milk, fresh fruit, fresh nuts, honey and cinnamon. Very tasty!

Breading: use Quinoa flakes to bread fish, meat, chicken and vegetables. You should definitely try this yourself!

Topping: fry the Quinoa flakes in a pan without oil or butter and use the flakes as a topping on a salad.

How to prepare Quinocan Flour

Pancakes: mix 1 cup of Quinoa flour, 1 cup of milk, 1 egg and 1 spoon of honey for 1 large gluten free pancake. Very tasty!

Cupcakes:simply use a mix of 90% Quinoa flour and 10% almond flour instead of wheat flour, and bake your own gluten free (cup)cakes.

Bread: 375g of gluten free flour, 125g of Quinoa flour, 25g of yeast, 100g of buttermilk, 250ml of water = 2 gluten free Quinoa breads!

How to prepare Quinoacan Crispy

Topping: use our crunchy Quinoacan Crispy as a topping on your early in the morning yoghurt or porridge.

Topping:use our crunchy Quinoacan Crispy as a gluten free topping on a salad (instead of bread crumbs).

Topping: use our crunchy Quinoacan Crispy to decorate your (cup)cakes and brownies. Very tasty!

How to prepare Quinoacan Golden

Portion: 1/2 cup of Quinoa and 1 cup of water or bouillion per person.

Rinse: rinse the Quinoa briefly under cold running water.

Cook: bring the Quinoa to the boil and simmer for 12 minutes on a low heat in a covered pan.

Rest: remove the pan from the heat and let the Quinoa rest for another 5 minutes with the pan covered.

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