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Quinoacan Inc is a supplier of Canadian Quinoa under the brand name of Quinoacan, headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Quinoa is a grain with high percentage of protein that contains very kinds of amino acids especially Lysine which promotes healthy tissue growth in the body. Quinoa is also a good source of Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin E, Potassium and Fiber, Quinoacan Inc. supplies Canadian grown Quinoa with the best quality of sustainable farming, handling, storage, processing and packaging to ensure consumer health and satisfaction. Quinoacan is a gluten free grain for safe consumption by consumers with different ages and nutritional priorities. We also provide processed Quinoacan derivatives for easy, fast and tasteful consumption such as Crispy and Quick Flake Quinoacan.


Quinoacan's mission

Our mission is to bring you nutritionally superior, high quality Quinoa and help people to eat healthier food (organic, gluten free, vegan), by developing healthy convenience Quinoa products.

Quinoacan's Goals

  • 1. To develop Quinoacan brand.
  • 2. To develop premium quality, healthy and convenience Quinoa products.
  • 3. To develop sustainable sourcing programs with Quinoa suppliers in Canada.
  • 4. To develop nutritive healthy lifestyle.
  • 5. To create the very best image around Quinoa.

Our Processing

Unlike other grains, quinoa requires special care! After industry standard seed cleaning, We use proprietary quinoa processing technology to remove the bitter sapponin coating. This process retains the nutritional qualities of the quinoa but readies it for cooking at home and is the base for our value added quinoa products.

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